August 2015 Monthly Test Updates

Published on 08/17/15

New Test Launches and Updates

 The following new tests are now available:

  • MHEMO Hereditary Hemochromatosis: HFE Targeted Analysis
  • EXOMR Medical EmExome: Clinical Exome Reanalysis

The following test updates are now live:

  • ZG KRAS-related Disorders: KRAS Gene Sequencing – Removed tumor tissue specimen type
  • MM170 Skeletal Dysplasia: Sequencing Panel – Added AGPS, ARSE, BMP1, DLL3, EBP, HES7, LFNG, MESP2,  SERPINF1, and TBX6
  • MD171 Disproportionate Short Stature: Sequencing Panel – Added AGPS, ARSE, DLL3, EBP, HES7, LFNG, MESP2, and TBX6
  • MM173 Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Decreased Bone Density: Sequencing Panel – Added BMP1 and SERPINF1
  • MM030 Eye Disorders: Comprehensive Sequencing Panel – Removed PDZD7
  • MD030 Eye Disorders: Deletion/Duplication Panel – Removed PDZD7
  • MM237 Usher Syndrome: Sequencing Panel – Removed PDZD7
  • MD237 Usher Syndrome: Deletion/Duplication Panel – Removed PDZD7
  • MM190 Hearing Loss: Sequencing Panel – Removed PDZD7
  • MD190 Hearing Loss: Deletion/Duplication Panel – Removed PDZD7
  • MSAJ3 Ashkenazi Jewish: BRCA Targeted Mutation Panel – Updated CPT codes
  • MM200 Hereditary Cancer Syndrome: Sequencing Panel– Added AIP, CDK4, CDKN1B, and MGMT
  • MM202 Endocrine Cancer: Sequencing Panel– Added AIP and CDKN1B
  • MM260 Macrocephaly: Sequencing Panel– Added PIK3CA and updated CPT codes
  • MM401 Melanoma: Sequencing Panel– Removed BRAF, added MGMT, and updated CPT codes
  • MCAR1 Comprehensive Cardiovascular: Sequencing Panel – Added CALM1, CTNNA3, GJA5, KCNA5, KCND3, NPPA, PRDM16, SLC22A5, TRDN, and TRPM4
  • MM091 Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Sequencing Panel – Added SLC22A5
  • MM092 Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Sequencing Panel – Added PRDM16
  • MM093 Arrhythmias: Sequencing Panel – Added CALM1, CTNNA3, GJA5, KCNA5, KCND3, NPPA, TRDN, and TRPM4
  • MM094 Long and Short QT Syndromes: Sequencing Panel – Added CALM1
  • MM096 Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia/Cardiomyopathy: Sequencing Panel – Added CTNNA3
  • MM097 Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA): Sequencing Panel – Added KCND3
  • MM520 Cardiomyopathy: Sequencing Panel – Added PRDM16 and SLC22A5
  • MM540 Hypercholesterolemia: Sequencing Panel – Added APOB, LDLR, and PCSK9
  • MQ Methylmalonic Acid, Quantitative, Plasma – Reference range information updated
  • CN Carnitine Profile, Quantitative, Plasma – Reference range information updated
  • UC Carnitine Profile, Quantitative, Urine – Reference range information updated
  • LS Lysosomal Storage Disease: Panel Enzyme Activity (12 Enzymes), Leukocytes – Removed arylsulfatase A from panel
  • LB Fabry Disease: Alpha-Galactosidase Enzyme Activity, Leukocytes – Updated CPT codes
  • LG Gaucher Disease: Beta-Glucosidase Enzyme Activity, Leukocytes – Updated CPT codes

Test Requisitions - Things to Remember
Not completing a test requisition form entirely can sometimes lead to unnecessary delays in testing. Below are the most commonly missed items:

  • ICD9 codes
  • Policy holder name and date of birth
  • If any authorizations are obtained for the patient, please include a copy of the authorizations with the requisition.
  • Medicare patients must have a signed Advance Beneficiary Notice of Non-coverage (ABN) included with the requisition, except for following BRCA-related test codes: MM070, MM071, MM072, and MM208. Please note, EGL does not pre-verify benefits for patients with Medicare.
  • Signature in the “Authorization to Assign Benefits” section
  • Front and back copy of the patient’s insurance card
  • Billing pages - regardless of the person or entity to be billed, please complete this information.

Prior Authorization Reminder
When it is determined that a prior authorization is needed for testing, the sample will be placed on a billing hold. EGL will notify the client as to what is required and help with any necessary paperwork.

New and Updated Gene Panels

Industry-leading number of gene panels

EGL Next Generation Sequencing Panels include comprehensive, evidence-based gene lists, improved turnaround times, and reduced pricing.