Signature Genomics FAQ

Published on 05/30/14
EGL Genetics (EGL) is prepared to receive samples from former Signature Genomics clients. Below are a few questions you may have regarding the transition to EGL services. You may also call our customer service number at 404-778-8499.

Will EGL accept Signature Genomic’s specimen collection kits and requisition forms?
  • EGL will accept Signature Genomic’s kits and requisition forms. When possible, it’s preferable to use EGL requisition forms located here. EGL will always contact clients in the event that requisition forms do not contain all necessary information.
  • If you prefer, you may also request EGL specimen shipping kits by creating an account on our website and ordering the kits via our client portal.
Does EGL offer the same testing previously offered by Signature Genomics?
  • EGL offers all testing previously offered by Signature Genomics.
What payment methods does EGL accept? 
  • EGL accepts the following payment methods: personal checks and money orders; Visa, MasterCard, and Discover; bank wire transfers; patient insurance; and institutional billing.

Please click here to view a side-by-side Signature Genomics and EGL Genetics test comparison.

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