Familial Mutation Testing: Targeted Deletions/Duplications

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Known mutation testing for a specific deletion or duplication is available for those genes for which we offer full gene del/dup testing. (Please see our test menu for a list of genes for which del/dup testing is offered.) This service can also confirm DNA variations identified in a research laboratory. Such confirmation allows release of research findings to the patient as well as prenatal diagnosis and carrier testing for other at-risk family members. To perform this assay we require details of the genetic variation in the family and a DNA sample from a previously tested individual as a positive control. Please call (404) 778-8500 to discuss this testing prior to sample collection.


DNA isolated from peripheral blood is hybridized to a CGH array to detect deletions and duplications.


Over 99% of previously identified mutations will be detected by this assay.

Specimen Requirements

Listed below are EGL's preferred sample criteria. For any questions, please call 470.378.2200 and ask to speak with a laboratory genetic counselor (eglgc@egl-eurofins.com).
Submit only 1 of the following specimen types
DNA, Isolated

Isolation using the Perkin Elmer™Chemagen™ Chemagen™ Automated Extraction method or Qiagen™ Puregene kit for DNA extraction is recommended.
Collection and Shipping
Refrigerate until time of shipment in 100 ng/µL in TE buffer. Ship sample at room temperature with overnight delivery.
Whole Blood (EDTA)

EDTA (Purple Top)
Infants and Young Children (<2 years of age): 2-3 ml
Children > 2 years of age to 10 years old: 3-5 ml
Older Children & Adults: 5-10 ml
Autopsy: 2-3 ml unclotted cord or cardiac blood
Collection and Shipping
Ship sample at room temperature for receipt at EGL within 72 hours of collection. Do not freeze.

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